1 Quick Trick to Secure your Mac from Viruses and Malware

By: Ted Billings         September 30th 2020 @ 10:30am

Another Week, Another Trojan Affecting "Indestructible" Macs

A new string of the Mokes.A Trojan virus has been found, affecting Mac computers around the world for the last 6 weeks, reports claim.

The now widespread Trojan, has been designed to take Screenshots of a users Mac every 30 seconds, as well as gaining access to a users photos, videos and documents. - Security researchers who found the Mac strain of the Trojan, have confirmed that it is affecting all iOS, and is becoming more prevalent.

This of course is not the first time that researchers have unearthed malware that can be used to target Mac Computers. It is common knowledge that Macs are far less susceptible than PC's to attacks, however this new Trojan does confirm a now upward trend in attacks on Macs, including instances of some Apple customers falling victim to the first ransom ware to be found on Apple computers late last year.

With the rise in attacks becoming more prevalent...

What can be done to protect a Mac computer from these increasingly dangerous attacks?

A new software, designed to combat just that, is gaining more focus online, and offering help to those Mac users in need. If your Mac is more than 3 months old, then this might just be the answer you are looking for.

ScanGuard™ will detect and eliminate any Viruses, Adware, or Malware (Including Mokes.A) which are silently dormant on your Mac, ready to bombard you with advertising, slow down your computer, or even, steal your personal information like credit card data when shopping online or Internet banking.

One user, we spoke to said, - “Recently I've been worried about visiting sites on my MAC, it used to be frustrating as my Mac started to take what seemed like an eternity to load. I used ScanGuard once, it detected Mokes.A was present or my Mac, and removed it with little fuss - I would definitely recommend"

The ScanGuard™ Free scan takes 2/3 minutes and will quickly update a user on their Mac performance, and anything harmful that may be lurking without them even knowing, If you own a Mac computer, that is connected to the internet, then you are eligible for a free scan.

Step 1: Claim your free copy now while it's still available. Click here to download ScanGuard™