Consumers in Frenzy to Claim Smartphone Protection Giveaway...

By: Ted Billings         September 30th 2020 @ 10:30am

This year consumers spent nearly $420billion on new Smartphone handsets…

Users are now in a frenzy to claim their Android, iPhone and Windows Phone Protection online, to avoid Chaos & Disappointment.

If you live in the U.S and missed this protection giveaway but want to protect your Smartphone or Tablet, then this may be the most exciting article you ever read.

*Exclusive Giveaway*

Here’s the deal: This Christmas we saw thousands of consumers right across the U.S rush to claim their Smartphone protection plans for less than $3.00.

Yes, you read that right… Just a fraction of the purchase cost, saving you well over $200!

Due to the overwhelming response and demand for the discounted protection plan, trusted provider, Scanguard™ have agreed to extend the promotion originally planned to end in 2016.

So why are they offering the software at such a reduced rate?

Smartphone Enthusiast Tom Hands explains, “This year over 10million Smartphone handsets were infected by a harmful virus names ‘Hummingbad’. Our main goal was simple. We wanted to help users instantly protect their new Smartphone handsets without having to worry about viruses. Allowing them to enjoy the freedom of surfing the internet and downloading games securely.”

Sounds too good to be true? That’s what we thought too…

One user we spoke to said, “I heard rumours about millions of handsets being infected with viruses, a friend even told me how they hacked his online banking account. I came across this protection giveaway on the news and decided to purchase Scanguard, it’s less than a cup of coffee anyway. I instantly downloaded the security app and enabled real-time protection. I couldn’t be happier knowing my Smartphone is now secure.”

This is not the first time that giving away products has been employed, companies with large marketing budgets are no strangers to the giveaway tactic.

So, how do I claim my Android, iPhone or Windows Phone Compatible Protection?

1. Click here for the Official Scanguard™ Giveaway
2. Enter your email address and claim your discounted protection plan

Once you have downloaded the security app, you will be able to run a quick scan of your device and remove any hidden threats, then use the boost feature to help speed up your Smartphone. Enabling real-time protection will help monitor your Smartphone at all times, ensuring that there is no hidden or unwanted activity when downloading apps or browsing online.

Scanguard™ will also give you 3 full licenses meaning you can protect your Smartphone, Tablet & even your PC, all for under $3.00.

Click Here To Check If The Scanguard™ Protection Giveaway is Still Available